Solid Metal Gates in Wales

Our company specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing metal components for both private and business buildings. Among many different products, we also make secure and durable solid metal gates for both residential homes and industrial premises (plants, factories, workshops and so on). We can also manufacture and install solid metal garden gates, backyard, security solid gates, electric metal gates, etc. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Each solid metal gate we manufacture is made in a careful process and of good quality, tested materials. We don’t manufacture metal gates only. Our team specialize in all aspect of metal artwork and crafts and provide service for customers across many parts of Wales.

If your company requires a secure and reliable metal fence or gate, we can help. Please get in touch and we will arrange a free, no-obligation visit. We offer over 100 different gates to choose from, excellent materials, quick installation and affordable prices.

With over 10 years of experience in metal components design and manufacturing, our customers can be assured of the high quality of products and smooth installation. Both our products and installation come with a standard manufacturer’s guarantee that can be extended up to 10 years.

The process of ordering a gate from KP SteelCraft:

  1. A customer contacts us and we arrange first free, no-obligation visit.
  2. During the first consultation we take precise measurements, find out more about the project requirements and advise clients on available designs and options. We will also provide a rough estimate of our work.
  3. We create a formal quote containing all the specification and clear pricing.
  4. If the customer is interested, we sign the contract, start manufacturing all the required components and agree the installation date.
  5. We install the components and thoroughly test them.

The whole process from start to finish depends on the complexity of the project and can take a few weeks (smaller jobs) to a few months (advanced, bigger projects). If you need metal construction for your home or business premises, please get in touch and book first, free and no-obligation visit.

You can see some of our previous projects by visiting portfolio page, some designs and styles of solid metal gates and fences are available in designs section. Please mind that our catalogue contains many more designs and additional options.

Looking for a secure, good quality solid metal gate for your home or business? Look no further and contact KP SteelCraft today!

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green solid metal gate
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